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Good way to start the morning

My machine may not be top of the line, but mercy me does it make a fine shot of espresso.

This morning’s drink of choice:

4 Ounces espresso
5 Ounces Almond milk

That is four ounces of the finest espresso I can make. After a waking up and finding out that I got to go back to sleep, my day got WAY better and I had only been awake for about 6 minutes. Then I got to wake up and have espresso. It was solid, and it was awesome. I sat on the couch, did some last-minute paperwork, sipped some delicious dark go-juice, and started my day. Leave your favorite coffee drink in the comments, I’ll pick one and teach you guys how to make it.

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Posted by on September 4, 2012 in coffee, crema, espresso, homebrew, shot, vegan